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In everyday clinical practice, radiological procedures from MRI to CT will time and again lead you to diagnoses. The BerlinCaseViewer app makes it easy for you to study cases – with interactive quizzes for a hands-on learning experience.

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About the app

The BerlinCaseViewer App is a medical training tool for you to learn how to interpret medical images on your iPad – at home, on the go, or wherever you like. To give you a realistic learning experience the BerlinCaseViewer App is developed by radiologists for radiologists.


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How it works

Find full image data sets, curated by experienced specialists for various diseases. The BerlinCaseViewer App features:

  • Medical image data sets complete with related clinical information and case summaries
  • Medical image data displayed in high resolution
  • Interactive learning with multiple-choice questions to guide you through medical cases
  • Expert demonstrations in written and oral form
  • Offline learning once the case data is loaded
  • Regularly new learning modules

On-site Courses

You do not feel like studying on your own? Get colleagues to join. We will create an interactive learning experience with hands-on courses supported by our iPad-based training system.

Find out more about our on-site courses.

The BerlinCaseViewer blog – Latest Posts

On our blog, we share current news and developments in radiology with you. What else is new? Stay up to date with features of the BerlinCaseViewer app. Read on here.

Update: Our app is now even more convenient thanks to these functions

More and more people are using the BerlinCaseViewer to delve into exciting special cases and improve their radiology knowledge. Of course, we too are constantly learning and working on making your experience with our app even more intuitive and interactive. That is why we roll out regular updates.

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What’s new on BerlinCaseViewer? Every month we select one medical case for you to discover. The Case of the Month features free curated medical image data sets to provide an insight into the app.

The last three months are available for viewing online. Proceed to the App Store and get the BerlinCaseViewer App to study anywhere.

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